Cervejaria Trindade was built in 1836 making use of the Most Holy Trinity monastery's remaining walls, which had been founded in late 13th century and lodged the Trinos Friars. The monastery was destroyed in 1704 by fire, then again in the famous 1755 earthquake, and hit again by fire in 1756 after having been rebuilt, leading to its end in 1834 after Religious Orders became extinct in Portugal. It was then bought by Manoel Garcia who constructed the first Portuguese brewery. The first Cervejaria Trindade opened straight after comprising four rooms and a patio, where the cloister used to be.

The first two rooms were decorated around 1860 with magnificent tiles bearing motifs of Masonic inspiration. The panels of the stunning room where the former Refectory used to be depict the four elements, the four seasons, and Trade and Industry themes. The grand salon at the back - in the area formerly occupied by the monastery's church - is named after plastic artist Maria Keil, who decorated it with modernist panels in stone mosaics depicting nature motifs. At last, Sala dos Arcos is the remnant of the original 18th century cloister gallery.